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#Gluta C Skin Whitening Lotion.. Product Discription.. Extreme Whitening Action A complex whitening agent with Glutathione and root extracts work together to reduce minor blemishes, uneven skin tone, age spots and intensely whitens the skin. Anti-aging Treatment Anti-oxidant Glutathione together with Vitamin A, C and E prevent skin damage due to environmental stress and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Advanced Skin Nourishment Vitamin C and Shea Butter deeply hydrate and moisturize to help reduce the signs of premature aging such as skin dullness, dryness and age spots. Effective Sun Protection SPF 25 protects the skin 25 times better from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The double whitening activity takes place by reducing skin pigmentation from the inside while providing an outside invisible sun’s harmful cover from the rays. Other Product Benefits. Benefits: * Glycostech – Quick and effective penetration of the skin using French patented technology. * Its non-greasy formulation gives that quick drying and non-oily feel Brightens the skin and removes dark spots * Rejuvenate dead cells in skin make it live * Make skin Texture fail and beautiful * Removes Pigmentation and pimples and marks * Effectively works on freckles and age spots and make your skin young * 100% natural ingredients. No side effects. Directions: Smooth all over your body after bath, concentrating on darker spots. For best results Use regularly with Gluta C soap
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