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Weght Loss Pills Natural's Max Slim INR   2600 INR  2300

Weght Loss Pills Natural's Max Slim

Slimming Pills. 30 Capsules. Active Ingredient: Fiber & Fucoxanthin (brown seaweed) extract DosageI take it around 30 minutes before breakfast so that my body would absorb Fucoxanthin extract better. The instruction said to take it after breakfast but I just don't buy the concept. Max slim 7 days 7 kg does not curb appetite which makes it hard for me to slim down. It does however, increase my energy slightly. My waistline is 27" before I took Max Slim 7 Days and it is still 27" even after 2 weeks of taking it. I experienced no palpitation, headaches, tightness around the throat and hives. I just celebrated my birthday and it's nice to know that despite eating a lot, I am still at 27". I don't even have a before and after picture because nothing changed! VerdictI think Max Slim 7 Days 7 Kg is good if you want to maintain your weight and increase your energy. However, I think it is weak compared to Garcinia Cambogia (active ingredient of Brazilian Secret Slimming Coffee by Daiana Menezes).

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