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skin whitening aura white virgin vitmain c soap INR   620 INR  520

skin whitening aura white virgin vitmain c soap

KEY BENEFITS: Cleans and moisturizes skin, offering sweet and delicate aroma, while provides high nutritional value for the skin./ BENEFICIOS: Alto valor nutritivo.Limpia y humecta, ofreciendo su dulce y delicado aroma. 120grms. INGREDIENTS: Natural Bar Soap made from vegetable oils, with pure honey, traditional element to the beauty of the skin due to its high nutritional composition. INGREDIENTES: Barra natural a base de aceites vegetales, con miel pura de abeja, elemento tradicional para la belleza de la piel por su alta composiciĆ³n nutritiva. 120 grms.

INR 520 INR 620


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