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Angel Placenta Whitening Night Cream : INR   2600 INR  2400

Angel Placenta Whitening Night Cream :

Angel Placenta Whitening Night Cream Hey, lovelies! I want to introduce to you the which I have already told you before that they have awesome Beauty and Health products.Angel Placenta Whitening Night Cream - 25g This product contains natural placenta cbc, arbutin essence, refined pearl powder, natural whitening factors, bone Collagen Protein, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. It quickly breakdown the melanin and remove freckles, wrinkles and nourish the skin and maintain it fresh, smooth and healthy. It also cures acne, prevent future pimple breakouts plus it removes pimples marks and other discolorations. You can see noticeable result in 1 week. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! To achieve that acne-free, whiter and younger looking skin without spending too much, I must say this is what you need! It is good for 1 to 2 months and you can actually see results as early as 1 week.How to apply? Apply a very thin layer on a slightly wet face and neck for easy application. Preferably after washing your face with Kojic Acid Soap. For best result, use it strictly every night before sleeping. Use of other products is not necessary. As early as 1 week you can see some results already. My Verdict: I actually love this product even though at first I was in doubt whether it will work on my pimple marks or not. As the day passed by while I'm using this cream I can actually see a little by little improvement on my face or shall i say a lighter pimple marks and a more whiter and younger looking skin. And what I love more in this product is that it's so easy to apply and so matipid to use. :) You'll probably love the effects and the product can actually last until 2 months even using it every night. So I guess,

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