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SASAKI SKIN WHITENING SERUM INR 1, 500 with discount INR 1, 900 21%AvailableBUY ONLINECASH ON DELIVERYNEED MORE INFO Natural Skin Whitener Say darken skin Say hello to a clear complexion and leaves skin white SASAKI Whitening Extra facial Serum contains a high powerful whitening ingredients which are all natural, glutathione and alpha arbutin. It is effective in reducing the appearance of darken spots, blemishes, freckles, pimples and blackheads and stabilized vitamin c and vitamin B3 goes beyond mere bleaching of the skin. It actually reduces the damage that stimulates the excess production of melanin. The breakthrough ingredients have been proven to not only inhibit the production of new melanin( brown spots) but also to disperse and fade existing melanin. You will feel difference in only few days. How to use After facial cleaning, evenly drop 1-2 drops of the serum and apply serum sparingly to facial areas until completely absorbed. ( Use twice daily in the morning and night. Suitable for men and women. ) Customer Service : ✔FAST SHIP ✔TOP QUALITY ✔LOW PRICES ✔CASH ON DELIVERY Customer satisfaction is what we care the most. So if you have any concern after you receive the item, simply just send us an Message, we will do our best to solve any problem for you! Please feel free to contact us for your question before buying.
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