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skin whitening pills in delhi: Complette 3 INJECTIONS Dual Effect Cell developed A new formula. To whiten white skin more and more. With a glucosamine concentrate water. Can be injected Provides a clearer and brighter aura than previous models and with no special properties in other types of glutathione. It contains m-tranexamic acid, which does not harm the product. If properly used properly By studying for many years, it has been confirmed that m-tranexamic acid makes the black spots more difficult to remove effectively. The skin is noticeably whiter. Proven to be strong because of a glutathione to 90, 000 milligrams plus more ingredients to lift and rejuvenate the skin. Immediately with the latest Hyaluronic Acid mixture in the form of glutathione water, water without distilled water, distilled water. Can be injected Provides bright white aura. Adjust the skin, reduce wrinkles. Black spots The dull skin from the sun sees the change in the first needle. Complette3 Dual Effect Cell Plus (Swiss ) also contains the key ingredient Argan Stem Cell up to 5, 000 milligrams of Stem Cell, resulting in the best results. Argan gives miraculous results to the skin, found only in southwest Morocco. Top of Africa only !! This is a beauty secret inherited from generation to generation. For centuries ...... Moroccan oil is used in skin care. To make your face firm and smooth, regular Argan oil is a very expensive oil! In addition to the process of extracting oil from Argan seeds is difficult and many steps. Argan Oil also contains a lot of fatty acids and vitamins. The beauty institute from all European institutions are amazing! These various properties are like "Botox" (but more sustainable) in today's ever! "Argan" oil has the following main ingredients: 1. Essential fatty acids: Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 - which the body can not produce. It is an important element in cell growth and development. It is also qualified. Anti-inflammatory Maintain good health for the skin. 2. Vitamin E: An important antioxidant, anti oxidant, and moisturizer that helps moisturize the skin. Protect the skin from dryness and wrinkles, nourish and soften skin look youthful. And lively Reduce dark spots such as freckles, dark spots, and also have the ability to protect. And skin repair 3. Steroids: protects skin from environmental stresses that may cause skin inflammation, skin barrier and anti-inflamation. Protects skin prematurely and Moisturizer moisturizes the skin. Refreshes your body with a single syringe, so do not mix with one bottle: - Glutathione 90, 000 mg helps to clear skin, freckles, freckles, dark spots due to glutathione formula. 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